The Southeastern Athletic Officials Association is striving to forge ahead into the new millennium
by utilizing the most advanced technology to enhance lines of communication to its member
schools, officials, and Regional Supervisors Of Officials.

The SAOA Board of Directors further intends for this web site to aid in recruiting, training and retaining
the highest quality sports officials available in southeastern North Carolina. Through this effort, the
Association will be better equipped to serve the young women and men who participate at the member
schools of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

For prospective new officials, use this web site to learn about the structure of the Southeastern Athletic
Officials Association and the opportunities available for energetic individuals interested in officiating.
Current members can use this site to keep up-to-date about important dates and activities within the SAOA.

If you are interested in learning about officiating with SAOA please check out our
new video below! If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member
of the SAOA Board of Directors or the Regional Supervisor Of Officials for that sport.




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