10/26/2016 - SAOA Official Patsy Malloy was presented with the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Basketball. She was presented the award Monday night at the NCHSAA State Basketball Clinic by Brad Allen, Regional Supervisor Of Officials. Patsy is the first female official to receive the Distinguished Service Award for Basketball in the Southeastern association. (Photo Credit: SAOA/Dwayne Thompson)


10/17/2016 - The effects of Hurricane Matthew have forced the NCHSAA to make tough decisions regarding the fall sports playoff schedule. The changes made by the NCHSAA are listed below:


Seeding Date: October 25th (previously October 19)
1st Round: October 26
2nd Round: October 27
3rd Round: October 29
4th Round: November 1
Regionals: November 3
State Championship: November 5 (no change)

Men's Soccer

Seeding Date: November 3 (previously October 31)
1st Round: November 5
2nd Round: November 8
3rd Round: November 10
4th Round: November 12
Regionals: November 15
State Championship: November 19 (no change)


Seeding Date: November 12 (previously November 5)
1st Round: November 18
2nd Round: November 25
3rd Round: December 2
Regionals: December 9
State Championship: December 16-17 (previously December 9-10)


10/15/2016 - Hurricane Matthew has forced two key meetings to be rescheduled.

- The NCHSAA State Wrestling Clinic and the SAOA Wrestling All Officials Clinic has been rescheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2016. The clinic is still at Scotland High School and starts at 7:00 SHARP!

- The NCHSAA State Basketball clinic and the SAOA Basketball All Officials Clinic have been rescheduled to Monday, October 24, 2016. The clinic is still at South View High School and starts at 6:30 SHARP!


10/4/2016 - SAOA Official Jimmy Bennett has been awarded the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Wrestling on Tuesday night. Jimmy was presented with the award by Charlie Jenkins, Regional Supervisor Of Officials. (Photo Credit: SAOA/Charlie Jenkins)

8/3/2016 - SAOA Official Darryl Buck was awarded the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Volleyball on Wednesday night. Darryl was presented with the award by Bill Henderson, Regional Supervisor Of Officials. Darryl has been an official with the Southeastern Athletic Officials Association for quite some time. He officiates volleyball, basketball, and softball. Darryl is also a collegiate volleyball official. (Photo Credit: SAOA/Dwayne Thompson)



8/2/2016 - SAOA Official Eddie Melvin was awarded the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Football on Monday night. Eddie was presented with the award by Neil Buie, Regional Supervisor Of Officials. Eddie has been an official with the Southeastern Athletic Officials Association for over 20 years and officiates football, baseball, and softball. (Photo Credit: FO/Earl Vaughan)

Click to view the article from Earl Vaughan / Fayetteville Observer




7/29/2016 - This week is going to be busy for those who are officiating fall sports! As many of you know the NCHSAA has transitioned to the ArbiterSports platform for registrations and exams. Officials that plan to officiate Fall sports should be aware that the fall exams for Football, Soccer, and Volleyball are due this Sunday, July 31, 2016. Please allow yourself enough time to take the exam and don't wait until the last minute.

NEW THIS YEAR: All officials are required to take the NFHS Concussion Course. This course is offered FREE of charge and can be found on the NFHS website. IMPORTANT: Make sure when you create an account that you use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as the one listed for you on the Arbiter. This is so you will receive credit for taking the course. Keep in mind that the Deadline to take this course for Fall Sports is also Sunday, July 31, 2016.

Also we have three NCHSAA State Clinics & SAOA All Officials Meetings that are scheduled this week. They are:

- Sunday, July 31, 2016 - NCHSAA State Soccer Clinic & SAOA Soccer All Officials Clinic at Fayetteville Academy. These clinics will start at 6:30pm. Sign in starts at 6:00pm.

- Monday, August 1, 2016 - NCHSAA State Football Clinic & SAOA Football All Officials Clinic at South View High School. These clinics will be located in the Auditorium and will start at 6:30pm.

- Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - NCHSAA State Volleyball Clinic & SAOA Volleyball All Officials Clinic at Pine Forest High School. These clinics will be located in the Auditorium and will start at 6:00pm.

Please note that these meetings are required for each sport that you officiate and will determine eligibility for post-season and playoff assignments!



7/22/2016 - We would like to recognize SAOA Basketball Official Cleo Dunigan (pictured on the right) who was selected to officiate the Men's 2016 East - West Basketball All Star game and served as the crew chief! Congratulations Cleo!


7/18/2016 - SAOA's Brad Allen is featured on the NFL's 2016 video "Third Team On The Field". It gives us a behind the scenes look into NFL Officiating. The clip is approximately 5 1/2 min long.


7/15/2016 -The Volleyball New Officials Clinic that was scheduled for Wednesday, July 20, 2016 has been rescheduled. The clinics are now July 25th, 26th, and 27th at Pine Forest High School.



7/1/2016 - If you are a member of the SAOA Board of Directors please send a professional photo to dthompson@saoanc.org so that it can be included on our website. Some of you have a current photo there. If you would like to change it please email me those as well. Please ensure they are in .jpg or .png format.



7/1/2016 - We are updating the Don Kitts Award and the Distinguished Service Award lists for ALL sports. If you have received a Don Kitts Mentoring Award OR Distinguished Service Award and your name and photo is not on this website please email dthompson@saoanc.org with the following information:

1) Your name

2) Which award you received (Don Kitts or Distinguished Service Award)

3) The year you received your award

4) A good professional photo of you holding your award plaque for the website. When you send them please ensure that it is in .jpg or .png format or your picture may be too large to email.


8/17/2015 - Since it's re-launch, the SAOA website has been visited 10,000 times! Thank you to all the members and prospective officials that continue to visit the website. Countless hours go into finding, developing, and maintaining the information shared here. We hope that you will continue to use our website as a tool to help you with your development as an official.

If you have any ideas of something you would like to see on our website please send the information to your Sports Chairperson or your Regional Supervisor of Officials.






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